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  • Outdoor and Indoor Basketball and Tennis Courts
    Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts - Whether you want a shooting court in your backyard to practice your jump shot, a full size basketball court for your school's gym, or an indoor court to practice your game year round, Rhino Sports®outdoor and indoor basketball and tennis courts provide the perfect outlet for kids and adults to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

  • Outdoor Courts
    Outdoor Basketball Courts, Outdoor Tennis Courts- Rhino Sports' Pro Action outdoor basketball courts and outdoor tennis courts are designed to withstand regular to heavy use over the long term for both residential and commercial settings.

  • Indoor Courts
    Indoor Basketball Courts, Indoor Tennis Courts- Rhino Sports®has indoor basketball courts and indoor tennis courts that are specially designed for the most comfortable play at the most reasonable price!

  • Tennis Courts
    Tennis Courts - Our Pro Action suspended tennis court surface is designed to withstand heavy, regular use over the long term, with built-in flexion, making it the safest and healthiest tennis court surface in the world. It also delivers an excellent price to performance ratio.

  • Outdoor Tennis Courts
    Outdoor Tennis Courts - Rhino Sports®tennis courts are not only a great addition to any backyard, but also ideal for parks, schools, and rec centers. Our outdoor tennis courts are specially designed for year round and outdoor play, and to withstand heavy, regular use over the long term.

  • Indoor Tennis Courts
    Indoor Tennis Courts - Our revolutionary sports flooring system is perfect for use on both outdoor and indoor tennis courts. If you love practicing or playing tennis at any time of day or night or any time of year, you'll enjoy our indoor tennis courts.

  • Basketball Hoops
    Basketball Hoops - Our product is built with over 20 years' experience in steel engineering coupled with input from professional athletes and NBA players. Rhino Basketball Hoops can adjust down to 6'6" and extends to a regulation height of 10' for serious competition.

  • Basketball Courts
    Basketball Courts, Tennis Court - Now you can play like the pros - with your very own basketball court in your backyard. There are no limits to the fun you and your family can have on your own custom basketball court or tennis court from Rhino Sports. We make custom courts to fit backyards, community centers or gyms, for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Outdoor Basketball Courts
    Outdoor Basketball Courts - Rhino SportsT specializes in creating safe, durable, and fully customizable outdoor basketball courts for both residential and commercial settings.

  • Indoor Basketball Courts
    Indoor Basketball Courts - Our revolutionary sports flooring system is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. If you love practicing your game - tennis, basketball, volleyball or any other court game, then you'll enjoy our indoor basketball courts system.

  • Gym Floors
    Gym Floors, Gymnasium Flooring - Rhino Sports®has gymnasium flooring, gym floors and gym courts that are specially designed for the most comfortable play with the most reasonable prices! Our amazing gymnasium flooring is low maintenance, low priced and comes in many different colors to make any gym court look great!

  • Court Accessories
    Court Accessories, Tennis Court Accessories - Rhino carries a wide range of game court accessories to support whatever game you're playing. From our custom branded basketballs to our unparalleled Pickle Ball rackets, Rhino Sports®has all of your accessories needs covered.

  • Court Lighting
    Basketball Court Lighting, Tennis Court Lighting - There is nothing more frustrating than having to stop playing in the middle of a game or match because it's too dark to see. One of the best ways to enjoy your favorite sports and maximize your outdoor investment throughout the year is with basketball court lighting and tennis court lighting from Rhino Courts.

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