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10 Rhino Reasons
10 Rhino Reasons

1) Customizable
A common misperception among people is that they don't have adequate space to do a court. Remember that our courts are completely customizable and our dealer network is adept at building fully functional courts in tight spaces. Heck, we have done projects on the rooftops of condos in Manhattan. So rest assured that if you 400 or more square feet to work with in your backyard, we can build you a backyard environment that you will enjoy for many years to come.

2) Endless Options
Similar to building a pool, there are countless options when it comes to configuring your family's dream court. The difference is while your bathing suit is collecting dust in December, you can still be playing on your Rhino Court. Whether deciding between an acrylic or glass backboard or what size Rebouncer and where to put it, there are a number of key decisions that impact the final look and cost of your court. Thankfully, our dealers are put through extensive training during their Rhino Rookie Camp and participate in several hands on and web based trainings throughout the year. Therefore, they are fully qualified to walk you through the court building process from breaking ground all the way up to you swishing your first jump shop.

3) Build Times
At the risk of getting soft on you, Rhino Courts are like snow flakes in that no two courts are exactly alike. Therefore, we don't actually begin production on your court until you have gone through the design process with your dealer and finalized colors, layouts, and potentially even logos. This helps to ensure that when your court arrives it is completely consistent and just how you had envisioned it. While we have turned courts around in as few as seven days, perfection does take time, so it is best to allot anywhere from four to six weeks for your court depending on the time of year. And yes, we do accept bribes to get your project moved up in the production scheule.

4) Landscaping
Almost as important as what gets put on your court is what gets puts around your court. If your home is a new build and your backyard is a blank canvas, we are going to do everything in our power to convince you to turn the whole backyard into court. Unfortunately, most people desire trivial other things like pools, patios, and plants. No worries, as we have an extensive network of people we work with and can refer you trusted contractors as desired for the different aspects of your backyard. We can also provide recommendations as what types of landscapes work well to surround the court.

For those looking to add a court to an existing backyard design, it is important to remember that this is a construction project and there will likely be some need for heavy machinery in the backyard. It may require some clean up and replanting post install, but we do everything in our power to not disturb your existing landscape.

5) Functionality
When the bulk of our customers call in looking for a court, they tend to associate it solely with basketball. Well, just like most people don't want to wake up and eat the same cereal for breakfast every morning, we realize that not everyone is as basketball crazy as our Rhino spokespeople Kyle Macy and Larry Brown. Fortunately, there are dozens of other games that a Rhino Court can play host to like mini tennis, pickle ball, badminton, volleyball, and roller hockey. However, our favorite games are the ones our customers invent like "Knudson Ball," named after the first ever Rhino Sports®backyard customers. If you invent it, not only to you get to name it, but you can also bend the rules in your favor at any time without much objection!

6) Grocery Bill
The truest statement that could ever be made is that Rhino Courts are kid magnets. If you put a court in your backyard, rest assured that every kid within a five mile radius of your house is going to know about it in a short period of time. Your backyard will definitely become the place that your kids and their friends want to hang out. Therefore, a fully stocked fridge with plenty of drinks and snacks is a must. All in all, it is a small price to pay to have your kids safe in the backyard with the ability to monitor who they hanging out with.

7) Friend for Life
When you make the decision to put in a Rhino Court, you have to understand that our dealers are extremely attached to the courts they build. In a way, they are almost like their children. As a result, you can expect them to frequently check in to make sure that they left their child in good hands. Additionally, our dealers are constantly having customer appreciation nights and court parties at their own homes, so you might have to clear out some space in your social calendar.

8) Added Home Value
Studies have shown that adding a Rhino Court to your backyard provides more value to your home than building a pool, guest house, or countless other backyard options. The reason is it appeals to kids and adults alike in that everyone can truly find at least one game to enjoy playing on the court. Furthermore, the color scheme of the court can be designed to blend into the existing landscape and backyard design. While a concrete or asphalt court might be viewed as an eye sore by a prospective buyer, our courts are truly eye openers and more likely to be viewed as a desired amenity.

9) Gaming Consoles
Once you put your Rhino Court in, you should probably be prepared to put whatever gaming console your kids used to be enamored with up for sale in the local paper or on eBay. Thanks to the variety of games and activities you can play on a Rhino Court, there is virtually no possibility that they will ever tire of playing on the court. We have had countless customers tell us that after they put the court in, the Xbox or Playstation hadn't been turned on for months. A Rhino Court promotes activity and will save you thousands of dollars on your children's optometrist bills down the road.

10) Family Time
Far and away, the most important thing to consider when building a court is the impact it is going to have your family. Everyone is the house is going to be more active and as a result, healthier. In an era of email, MP3 players, and text messaging, open communication between family and friends is at an all time low. Fortunately, a Rhino Court provides the perfect atmosphere for families to interact and grow together. Rest assured that your kids will constantly be dragging you out to play with them on the court and vice versa. But also rest assured that your entire family will always welcome and cherish the time you spend together on the court.
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