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America's Premier Developer, Manufacturer and Installer of Athletic Courts
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Why Rhino Sports®?
Why Rhino Sports®® Products?

Rhino Sports®products were developed on the simple principle that everything we did was for the play of the game™. As a result, we tirelessly consulted athletes all the way from weekend warriors to former professionals. This led to countless midnight brainstorming sessions and failed prototypes before we finally formulated a recipe for free play that not only met, but blew away the lofty standards we had set for ourselves.

All of these efforts and research have allowed us to become the industry leader in building life changing spaces where free play is as limitless as your imagination. Although we consider ourselves the best in the industry, we are our own biggest critics and are constantly looking for ways to tweak and improve our products. As the saying goes, if you aren't getting better then you are getting worse.

Our network is chalked full of athletes, coaches, and sports fanatics, as we firmly believe that it takes someone who is passionate about sports and free play to build your dream court. Initial consultations have been known to take upwards of two hours, as we want to make sure every detail is addressed and well thought out.

Once you have selected Rhino Sports®products for your backyard or commercial project, the professionalism continues throughout the install process. Everyone from our subs to our installers are first class and are well versed in the "The Rhino Way." The only thing you need to be leery of is our installers taking your court for a test drive the minute the paint dries.

Not only is Rhino Sports®products the chosen court builder of thousands of homeowners around the world, but we also boast a pretty impressive roster of professional athletes and charity organizations. We have done projects for the Arizona Diamondbacks, NBA Cares, Jordan Brand, the ATP, and MTV to name a few. Additionally, we work with dozens of charity organizations, including the Anquan Boldin 81 Foundation and Steve Young's Forever Young Foundation.

Ultimately though, it is all about you, the homeowner. We are dedicated to making your experience a memorable and providing you with an unbelievable end product. The only thing we ask is that you invite us over to play during your first court party!
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America's Premier Developer, Manufacturer and Installer of Athletic Courts
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Why Rhino Sports® Products?
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