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indoor basketball court
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Indoor Basketball Courts

Our revolutionary sports flooring system is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. If you love practicing your game - tennis, basketball, volleyball or any other court game, then you'll enjoy our indoor basketball courts system. This is the perfect way to practice no matter the weather conditions outside.

Take your game to the next level with our state-of-the-art, high-performance multi-purpose sports flooring. The Live Action Top™ is perfect for your gymnasium needs. Whether you're looking for an indoor court for your home sports practice or a court for your college campus, high school, fitness center or other commercial area, Rhino Sports®multi-purpose sports flooring is the product for you!

With our suspended floor design you get a shock absorbing system that you can use for aerobics, perfecting your jump shot, enhancing your tennis game and much more, all of this while protecting your muscles and joints. There’s no other flooring system like it! It's water resistant, low maintenance, and can be used for multiple sports - including roller hockey!

You'll even have the option for custom designs including favorite sports team colors and logos, school logo and colors, facility name and more. Contact us today to get an indoor court for your home, school, gym, fitness center or other commercial area!

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