basketball courtNow you can play like the pros – with your very own basketball court in your backyard. There are no limits to the fun you and your family can have on your own custom basketball court or tennis court from Rhino Sports. We make custom athletic courts to fit backyards, community centers or gyms, for indoor or outdoor use. Our innovative sports flooring system is resilient, durable and weather proof. The suspended floor design of our courts even includes a shock absorbing system that cushions joints and extends play time for athletes.

You will take your game up a notch and hone your skills on your very own basketball court or tennis court. Our courts are also good for volleyball, roller hockey, badminton, aerobics, weight lifting and more. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor basketball court or tennis court, a Rhino Sports®consultant can help you design the perfect public or private court for your needs.

We also carry top of the line court accessories including custom branded basketballs and tennis rackets for optimum play, rebouncer systems that keep the ball on the court, specialized hoop systems for training or honing your jump shot, and lighting systems that allow you to make the most of your playing time.

Contact us today to get a one of a kind basketball or tennis court for your home, school, gym, fitness center or other commercial area!