tennis courtRhino Sports®tennis courts are not only a great addition to any backyard, but also ideal for parks, schools, and rec centers. Our outdoor tennis courts are specially designed for year round and outdoor play, and to withstand heavy, regular use over the long term. The built-in flexion on our outdoor tennis courts makes it the safest and healthiest tennis court surface in the world, delivering an excellent price to performance ratio.

Our Pro Action courts are virtually maintenance free. Rain quickly drains through to ensure no more sweeping or sponging. Just wait a few minutes, jump on and start playing. As an added bonus our 10 year limited warranty means trouble-free play.

Rhino Sports®outdoor private tennis court advantages include:

  • Quick and easy installing
  • No resurfacing or painting necessary
  • Shock absorbing surface cushions joints and extends fatigue-free playing time
  • Better rebound response, easier line calls, no skid on lines
  • No residual pools or puddles on the court after bad weather
  • All weather, self draining surface
  • Much lower surface temperatures in summer (cooler than asphalt or concrete)

We also offer tennis court accessories including top of the line rackets and rebouncer systems that keep your tennis balls inside the court where they should be.

Contact Rhino Sports®today for a custom designed outdoor tennis court for your home, school, gym, fitness center or other commercial area!