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Rhino Sports® creates custom athletic courts for indoors and outdoor sports for all levels of play, from recreational to professional. From hockey tile and basketball flooring to tennis court construction and putting greens, we provide custom court designs to meet the unique needs and desires of our clients. The court builders of Rhino Sports provide durable, high-performance courts that start with the most innovative court flooring. Rhino Sports’ creates courts that are custom designed to accommodate all levels of play while reflecting your personality and style.

Technologically Advanced Court Flooring and Court Design

Rhino Sports' flooring solutions for courts include surfaces for both residential and commercial to meet your needs; we provide the ultimate sports experience for all athletes. Using the most technologically advanced products available in court design and world-class court builders to create durable, competitive-grade custom courts, including hockey tile, specialized basketball court flooring, and high-end tennis court construction materials. Our custom court solutions incorporate advancements in design and engineering into multi-sport floors, basketball systems, and associated products to deliver superior products for professional play or recreation.

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Quality Court Builders Start the Best Court Flooring

The court builders of Rhino Sports provide court construction and design services for every sport imaginable, from custom hockey tile and basketball court flooring, to pickleball and tennis court construction.
Our products can accommodate the play of professional athletes or add backyard fun and eye-popping appeal to residential properties. From hockey tiles to court flooring, from design to build, our certified court builders will collaborate closely with you to design a custom court that meets the specific needs of your family, residential property, or facility.

High-quality Basketball Court Flooring

The best basketball courts start with the best basketball flooring. Uniform and durable, our basketball flooring solutions will accommodate your specific needs, and our detail-oriented court design specialists will consider your every wish, from the look to the sound of your shoe squeaking on the court.

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Over 20 years of experience and engineering go in to each Rhino Sports product, from court flooring to professional quality, in-ground basketball hoop systems. This ensures that you're playing on the most technologically advanced court available. Our suspended, synthetic athletic flooring is used for indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, multi-purpose facilities, and special events, from the recreational to competitive-level athlete.

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Custom Solutions for a Range of Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Rhino Sports floors are ideal for competitive basketball, volleyball, racquet and other sports, whether professional or recreational. We offer a range of basketball court flooring systems and more that provide enjoyment and skill development to players of all levels, from recreational to professional. Whether you are looking for custom basketball court flooring, hockey tile or tennis court construction, we can craft professional grade athletic courts that bring your design preferences to life. Rhino Sports provides court construction, building, installation and resurfacing for athletic flooring for every sport imaginable.

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What Our Customers Think

  • I have really enjoyed working with Rhino Sports®- it's always great to be on a winning team. I have been fortunate enough...

    Coach Larry Brown American Basketball Coach
  • "Being an 'old school' basketball player, I thought a gym floor had to be wood. But after giving Rhino's sports a try, I changed my mind. Rhino floors play just like a wood floor but give me even more....

  • "After doing my research I'm confident Rhino offers the highest quality, the best service and the best value of any court investment."

  • Late in the summer, Murray, Kentucky had some horrendous rain showers causing a lot of flooding throughout the town of Murray. One of the places hit hard was Racer Arena, my volleyball court....


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    At Rhino Sports, our designers will do a court consult with you on your visions and specifications for your court and build a court for optimum performance durability and aesthetic. Whether you desire an indoor or outdoor tennis or basketball court, the construction specialists of Rhino Sports will seamlessly implement the design of your property and result in a personalized custom solution that meets your family or facility’s specific needs. Call us today.